Sunday, October 12, 2014

Markdown Monday - A Week Long Celebration!

I'm so excited this week - I'm going to Chicago! 

I "met" one of my most dearest friends on Instagram (yes, keep reading) a while back while doing one of my most favorite habits - shopping. If you don't know what Instashopping is you are SO missing out. 

Instagram has become an eye-opening, great way to get myself to take pictures and share them with others. It has helped myself professionally and personally. I love seeing other teacher's work and their lives outside of TpT or the classroom. When you're on Instagram, you "follow" people very easily and every time someone posts a picture it appears in your feed. 

There are also "closet shops" that you can follow. These are people that sell things from their own personal closets or from thrifting! I have never been one for thrifting, but I know you can find some killer deals. These Instashops are doing the work for me and the prices just can't be beat. JCrew pencil skirt for $15? Heck ya! Like new Hunter boots for half off the original price?! You betcha! 

Closet shops post frequently throughout the week. They will post a picture of the item, tell the details on it (including measurements, condition, and price) and then all you do is leave an e-mail connected to paypal to claim! It's a bad, bad obsession.

ANYWAYS, so that's how I "met" Katie. She and I have very similar styles and would often see each other and compete with each other for clothing items. I'm not sure how we even started talking, but soon enough I got her phone number and we've been texting ever since. Katie is a SPED teacher in a suburb outside of Chicago. She loves animals, shopping, and just bought a house! We have quite a few things in common. Nevertheless, we became great "instafriends".

This was months ago, and then I found a teacher/blogger meet-up that was taking place in October - in Chicago! I found a plane ticket, asked Katie if I could stay with her, and it was set. I'm going to Chicago! Not only will I meet this girl I've been talking with about the most random things, but also many great teacher/bloggers who I've seen all over Instagram, TpT, and Facebook. What a great thing!

So, in celebration, this entire week I will feature products in my shop - on sale! It starts with this lovely linky party, Markdown Monday.

For this markdown, my Common Core Reading and Math Assessments are on sale at half off!! That's a double steal because these are already bundled together for a good deal. 

These assessments are a simple, organized way to keep your Kinders on track for the entire school year. Testing is not only just a pain in the you-know-what, but is SO time consuming and organization is a must. These sheets do more than help with all your needs. They are tests and recording sheets. They require little outside items and can even be done by a teacher's assistant if needed. Enjoy!

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  1. Chicago is my hometown!! Have some pizza and enjoy shopping on Michigan ave!! Can't wait to read all about it :)