Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Favorite Things - Linky Party and HUGE Giveaway!

Back to school is such an exciting, fun, yet down-right stressful time. We are so worried about setting up our classrooms again, checking out our new student lists, and making sure our classroom libraries are just right. 

I, along with TONS of other teacher-bloggers are teaming up for a HUGE linky party and giveaway. We are showing you what some of our favorite "must-haves" for back to school. What is that one thing you can live without? Normally, I would just input the red wine in right here and be done with it. But.. I'll add on to that list (there are so many things I just couldn't imagine my classroom without). I'm going to write towards those items that I need for my personal sanity, for complete organizational purposes.

I might have a slight obsession with Vera Bradly, but seriously - they are the perfect bags. They have something for every single need under the sun - and they do so with the utmost care. They are so thoughtful into their items, and every item is so nicely made. So, I am going to tell you about my "must-have" Vera Bradley items for school.

The medium cosmetic is the best make-up bag I've ever owned. Vera also has a small and large cosmetic, but I've found the medium to be just the right size (cue Goldilocks here). It holds all of my daily makeup, even a Naked palette, and is also just the right length for makeup brushes. It's perfect! Now, although this is not exactly school-related, it does help me get ready for the long day ahead (you know the ones - IEP meetings, state testing, field day). 

# 2 - The Lanyard
Those boring name tags they give you? Yeah, they need some pizzazz. The lanyard is great! I wear it everyday. I have to take it off in my car and put it on before I go in (otherwise it's guaranteed I'll forget it). What's also great is to combo your lanyard with the Zip ID Case, which is great for keeping your ID, a mini class list (for emergencies) and maybe even a chap stick!

This lunch box is just the right size for my lunching needs. There's a small side pocket on the inside for little things or utensils and even a name tag spot on the side just in case! It can hold a bottle of water, a sandwich, a bag of chips, and maybe a Jello (if my husband is nice enough to save me one)! It fits perfectly in my teacher bag. 

#4 - The Vera
The Vera is so perfectly named - it is my absolute FAVORITE of their items. It's the perfect size. It holds full sized binders and notebooks. It even holds a laptop nicely. There are 6 pockets all around on the inside. There is an open and a zip pocket on the outside. There is a toggle closure on top. The handles are the perfect length - not too long or short. I wear this on my shoulder with my purse on top, making for easy carrying. What's more to love?! I had the same bag, in a different color, in college and it was great for hauling college books around campus. Honestly, it is just the perfect teacher bag and I believe every teacher should own one. 

#5 - The Big Red Monster
Oh come now, I couldn't forget about the wine! Here's my current favorite. A cheap-ie red blend. Perfect for late nights after a lonnggggg school day.

Big Red Monster Big Red Monster

If you've never heard of Vera Bradley - go NOW! They always have sales on certain colors, as well as send great coupons in the mail.

P.S. - My birthday is coming up and there MAY or MAY NOT be one of these items (sorry, it's not the wine) included in a FANTASTIC giveaway I am doing. Stay tuned! ;)

Now, enough with the fluff - let's get to the Back to School giveaway! Holy moly, the giveaway! Over $300 in Amazon giftcards, Sit Spots, and even a teacher t-shirt. Get on it already!

My Favorite Things Back to School Giveaway

Oh yeah, by the way - this is going on tomorrow.

250 × 120

Good luck lovlies!

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  1. I was wondering how many blogs I would have to go through before I got to the wine!!! You are my kind of gal. Not to mention the fact that I am obsessed with Vera myself. Thank you so much for linking up:)
    Take care, Amy

  2. I don't have a medium cosmetic bag. I must remedy this. I bought three new Vera bags this summer. I now officially have 4 bags, a wallet, a make-up case, lanyard, and another cosmetic thingy. I might be getting obsessed too. The wine made me laugh!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'