Friday, July 25, 2014


Two blog posts in a row?! I'm on a streak! But, this post is extra special.

My first Stitch Fix!

Now, for those who don't know what Stitch Fix is - It's an online styling service. I would NEVER do things like this, but I wanted to treat myself as I am starting a new job, and I thought "Why the heck not?!". I'm always leery of paying for "scheduled" things, but this one is slightly different. 

First, you create a style profile, where they ask you a series of questions about your style. They also give you pictures and ask you to pick if you like this look or not. It is fun! I love filling out survey-type things like this. 

Then, you pick a date you would like to receive your shipment. You fill out your credit card information, but your card is not charged until the box is shipped. You can do it as a one time thing, or you can schedule a Stitch Fix box to come once a month (or every 2 weeks!). Your shipment includes five items from a personal stylist, ones they think you would like based on your profile! My stylist's name is Yanting. You can even communicate with them and they can check your Pinterest page to get ideas on what you like! The "styling" is $20, but you get to use that $20 toward an item from your box. In the end, I just thought to myself I can just buy one item to make it worth it. And oh, it is so worth it! 

Now, I only plan on keeping one thing. Is that because I didn't like the items? No. I will be upfront in saying some of the items are pricey. Unless I absolutely fall in love with it, it's a pass. I am going to show off what I got! Please tell me what you think of each. :) Here we go!

I love the box and little details that come with the Fix. Everything is so "nice" feeling and you can just tell time is taken for quality. 

Item #1 - 41Hawthorn Ivy Embroidered Trim Tab-Sleeve Blouse $68 - I really liked this piece. I loved the colors and the cute trim detail. It was a little big on me though, and the sleeves were kind of heavy and droopy. This is totally something that I would've picked out in the store, and the royal blue color is so pretty. I think my stylist is on to something, but it's a pass.

Item #2 - Collective Concepts Esten Button-up Sleeveless Blouse $54 - I LOVED this one. The color, the material, the flow and the fit. I just couldn't pay that price for it. I could get something similar at Target for $15. Pass.

They also include great styling cards for each piece! These help you see how you can wear your new item!

Item #3 - 41Hawthorn Jace Dot Print Fit & Flare Dress $68 - At first, I didn't really like this. After I put it on, I was in love! The fit was perfect and the material was super comfy. It is a great work staple piece. Classy, yet not "old-lady" work attire I've seemed to run into lately. It will go great with some black heels I just got, and I plan on finding a black necklace to go with. It is pricey for me, but it's the one item I end up keeping, so the $20 styling credit will go towards it. Keep!

Item #4 - 41Hawthorn Sloane Colorblock A-Line Ponte Shift Dress $78 - Ew. Ew and ew. This was waaaaay too preppy and clockblock-y for me. I felt like Twiggy. The fit was good, but the material was heavy. Just not my style at all. Pass.

Item #5 - Towne & Reese Alyssa Carved Enamel Drop Earrings $28 - These were cute! They actually went really well with the dotted dress. However for $28, I had to pass. I can buy something similar at another store for cheaper. Pass.

So, in the end just one splurge item for me. Even though I wouldn't call my box a 100% success (and I just CAN'T pay that much money on clothes right now), I loved every second of opening my box and seeing what my stylist gave me! It's so much fun. 

I tweaked my style profile and also was able to make notes on each and every item at checkout so they can know how they did! My next Stitch Fix is already scheduled next month, and I couldn't be more excited!

Would you like to try Stitch Fix? It's something I never would've done before, but it's so fun! You can use my referral code - click their logo!

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  1. Molly, these clothes are so cute! I would have had such a hard time picking what to keep!

    Thanks for sharing! :)
    Miss Peluso's Kindergarten

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your fix. I agree "ew" on the color block dress. The cut looked really cute on you but the color block....not so much. The black dress you are keeping is super cute! I will be posting about my first "fix" soon.

    Luv My Kinders

  3. Love the first blouse! Even though it is a little big, I still thought it looked great on you! You definitely got a good fix! My last one wasn't so hot!

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

  4. Dang it, woman! I am going to have to officially sign up now. I feel like there is a club that I'm not a part of and that's just not cool with me! Plus, I'm having the worst time finding clothes right now. :) Thanks for sharing!


  5. Hey Molly! It's Kelsey :)
    I've seen people posting about StitchFix, but all the items look way more expensive than what I could find myself. How does the financial aspect of it work? Do you pay a set fee and then pay per item you end up keeping?
    Nice blog!