Friday, July 25, 2014


Two blog posts in a row?! I'm on a streak! But, this post is extra special.

My first Stitch Fix!

Now, for those who don't know what Stitch Fix is - It's an online styling service. I would NEVER do things like this, but I wanted to treat myself as I am starting a new job, and I thought "Why the heck not?!". I'm always leery of paying for "scheduled" things, but this one is slightly different. 

First, you create a style profile, where they ask you a series of questions about your style. They also give you pictures and ask you to pick if you like this look or not. It is fun! I love filling out survey-type things like this. 

Then, you pick a date you would like to receive your shipment. You fill out your credit card information, but your card is not charged until the box is shipped. You can do it as a one time thing, or you can schedule a Stitch Fix box to come once a month (or every 2 weeks!). Your shipment includes five items from a personal stylist, ones they think you would like based on your profile! My stylist's name is Yanting. You can even communicate with them and they can check your Pinterest page to get ideas on what you like! The "styling" is $20, but you get to use that $20 toward an item from your box. In the end, I just thought to myself I can just buy one item to make it worth it. And oh, it is so worth it! 

Now, I only plan on keeping one thing. Is that because I didn't like the items? No. I will be upfront in saying some of the items are pricey. Unless I absolutely fall in love with it, it's a pass. I am going to show off what I got! Please tell me what you think of each. :) Here we go!

I love the box and little details that come with the Fix. Everything is so "nice" feeling and you can just tell time is taken for quality. 

Item #1 - 41Hawthorn Ivy Embroidered Trim Tab-Sleeve Blouse $68 - I really liked this piece. I loved the colors and the cute trim detail. It was a little big on me though, and the sleeves were kind of heavy and droopy. This is totally something that I would've picked out in the store, and the royal blue color is so pretty. I think my stylist is on to something, but it's a pass.

Item #2 - Collective Concepts Esten Button-up Sleeveless Blouse $54 - I LOVED this one. The color, the material, the flow and the fit. I just couldn't pay that price for it. I could get something similar at Target for $15. Pass.

They also include great styling cards for each piece! These help you see how you can wear your new item!

Item #3 - 41Hawthorn Jace Dot Print Fit & Flare Dress $68 - At first, I didn't really like this. After I put it on, I was in love! The fit was perfect and the material was super comfy. It is a great work staple piece. Classy, yet not "old-lady" work attire I've seemed to run into lately. It will go great with some black heels I just got, and I plan on finding a black necklace to go with. It is pricey for me, but it's the one item I end up keeping, so the $20 styling credit will go towards it. Keep!

Item #4 - 41Hawthorn Sloane Colorblock A-Line Ponte Shift Dress $78 - Ew. Ew and ew. This was waaaaay too preppy and clockblock-y for me. I felt like Twiggy. The fit was good, but the material was heavy. Just not my style at all. Pass.

Item #5 - Towne & Reese Alyssa Carved Enamel Drop Earrings $28 - These were cute! They actually went really well with the dotted dress. However for $28, I had to pass. I can buy something similar at another store for cheaper. Pass.

So, in the end just one splurge item for me. Even though I wouldn't call my box a 100% success (and I just CAN'T pay that much money on clothes right now), I loved every second of opening my box and seeing what my stylist gave me! It's so much fun. 

I tweaked my style profile and also was able to make notes on each and every item at checkout so they can know how they did! My next Stitch Fix is already scheduled next month, and I couldn't be more excited!

Would you like to try Stitch Fix? It's something I never would've done before, but it's so fun! You can use my referral code - click their logo!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Northwest Arkansas - the best area in the USA!

Hey ya'll, Molly here.

My husband and I are native Arkansans. We LOVE Arkansas and so glad to finally be back and settled here for good. Now, anyone else that is not from Arkansas just doesn't get it - Arkansas?! Isn't that where they don't wear shoes, don't have computers, and marry their cousins? NOPE! Arkansas is gorgeous, with almost perfect weather, tons of nature (we are called The Natural State after all), and a great scene of local-greatness. The sort of hippie/naturalist vibe of Northwest Arkansas is one of the fastest growing regions in the United States and there's so many reasons why! According to Forbe's we are in the top 10 places for careers. We're home of Wal-Mart and have the nation's #1 farmer's market! 

Take a second the read this article, highlighting some of my absolute favorite parts of Northwest Arkansas.

 29 Things You Need To Know About Northwest Arkansas Before You Move There

 29 Things You Need To Know About Northwest Arkansas Before You Move There

 29 Things You Need To Know About Northwest Arkansas Before You Move There

 29 Things You Need To Know About Northwest Arkansas Before You Move There

I hope I was able to give your a new perspective on Arkansas. We aren't all hillbillies! Where do you live and what is your area know for? I'd love to hear!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

YOUR students

About two months ago, a girl I am friends with on Facebook (whose name just happens to be Molly!) posted this. She works at a consignment store here in Arkansas. It touched my heart more than words can describe, because not only is it just the sweetest story, but because I had an autistic student in my class last year. 
Student X was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, a form of autism that didn't really "fit" with any one diagnosis. He stuttered with his speech, had the most crazy unique stories, and liked to watch Doctor Who and "shoot guns" on the playground - which of course we diverted as soon as possible. There was, also, many (many) outbursts. He would scream at the top of his lungs if he didn't get his way, and soon the principal was walking into my room and taking him for a "walk" to cool off. 
My days were a constant struggle with him, and every morning when I saw him turn the corner to come to our class, I secretly cringed inside because I was so unsure how the day was going to go. Some days were terrific, others were absolutely horrible. There was wine. Lots and lots of red wine. We learned about each other and the outbursts slowly decreased. Although it seemed as if he never listened to me, and never did any work for me, he somehow learned so much. By the end of the year, he was ready for first grade. 
Because I moved back to Arkansas (from Oklahoma) I will never get to see Student X again, but I will always remember and love that boy. Now, onto my friends story (go grab a tissue):

I had one of THE greatest experiences of my life today
I was straightening up stuff at the end of the day at STA, and a lady walked by with her 5 year old granddaughter.
Me: "Hey pretty girl!"
Little girl: said nothing just looked at me
Grandma: "Sorry honey she's not being rude, she's autistic and doesn't speak. So we sign to her."

So I squatted down in front of the little girl and signed "hello". Her eyes got three times bigger and she smiled SOOO big! She signed "hello" back, and then started signing her ABC's, so I started signing them with her. She laughed so loud, grabbed my hand and just put it on her cheek, rocking back and forth. I looked up at the grandma and her eyes were watering and she said "You don't understand, no one besides me and her therapists has ever been able to sign and interact with her, even her parents. You really don't understand. She doesn't let people touch her, let alone touch them." She told me her name was Mia, then I signed my name, and she put her little hand on my cheek and just sighed.
I was looking at her but talking to the grandma, I said "You don't understand, Mia has made my whole day!" I looked up and her grandma was bawling and she said "You just really don't understand how special you are. She never let's anyone interact with her."
As they were leaving I walked them out, squatted down by Mia and signed "goodbye", she threw her Tigger and giraffe toy on the ground and grabbed me and hugged me. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the street, and her grandma said "Oh Molly, she's wanting you to go with us!"

Although Student X could talk, his speech struggled and you could always tell he just couldn't get out the words he wanted. He could tell he just didn't fit in. 
This story reminds me to ALWAYS look for the best in your children. Student X may have been screaming so loud, the gas station across the street could have heard. He may have been running down the halls with teachers chasing after him; but he was still MY student. As much as you may dislike them, as much as a pain in the you-know-what they may be, you may be the only hug or even acknowledgement they get that day. You may be the only thing that makes them smile (with your silly songs and movements of course). 
When you get your new batch of students this year, think about Student X or Mia. Although they might not be special or autistic, who knows what they face when they go home. Love them for what they are, and teach them to the best of your ability. At the end of the day, YOU took this job because you knew you could do it. And you can. Go for it!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Classroom Freebies Linky Party!

Hi! I've teamed up with Classroom Freebies for a linky party! We are hosting great forever freebies for use in your classroom. 
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday 
I would love to share with you a freebie I made today! These simple, but oh so effective writing pages are great for those first couple weeks of back to school mayhem. Lost in space? Don't know what you're supposed to do next?! These worksheets are for you! They keep students engaged and busy, while still promoting great learning.

Click on the cover page to go download yours! There are 7 writing pages in total. If you download, please don't forget to leave some love and follow my store! <3

Have a great week ya'll!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Have a mentioned I am the WORST at blogging? I just.. have no time! How is it summertime, the teacher's "time-off" yet we still have no time?! There have been a few things going on lately.

First and foremost, I met a bloggy friend! We found out a while ago we lived about 10 minutes away, so a meet-up was definitely in order. Although she is a high school teacher, we still have so much in common. It's crazy how teaching and Teachers Pay Teachers can do that. Her name is Kacie and she's super fun!

Managing and Motivating Math Minds

Next, I've joined a great giveaway and it started TODAY! Go check it out, she's giving away awesome prizes, including something from my store!

Displaying PurpleUSE.png

I'm going over to Kacie's house this afternoon for some TpT creating action, and I get to meet her twin boys! Have a great day ya'll!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July currently!

This is my first "Currently", let's see how it goes! It's through Oh' Boy 4th Grade's blog!

I'm so excited to get some new products up for you guys. Have a great 4th ya'll!

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