Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Terrific Tuesday!

Hello bloggies! 

We're at 11 days and counting here in Oklahoma, how many days do you have until summer break?!

It's a BUSY, BUSY month for me. Between my husband living two hours away and starting a new job, me being here and dealing with first-year, end-of-the-year school stresses, buying a new house, finding someone to rent the house we currently live in, finding a new job in the state we are moving to.. I am SPENT! We (hopefully) close in 10 days! I can't wait to not only just get this house buying business out of the way, but also just be with my husband again and be able to unpack and decorate in our new abode.

End-of-year schools stresses include the lovely MAP test, assessing every student on every skill, retaining meetings, sectioning meetings, report cards, field day, talent show.. the list goes on! Blek! This girl needs a drink.

To keep my mind off all these stresses, I've been steadily working on a new TpT item! I am working toward having Math and Literacy printables for every school year month, and because June is one of those weird half-in/half-out months for a lot of schools, I decided to go ahead and make a packet! Plus, I got some ADORABLE summertime clip art from that awesome TpT sale, so I had to do something with it, right?! Here's a sneak peak:

What are you working on at the end of the school year you'd like to see some printables for?

Have a great night loves! Don't stress too much. Just keep swimming!

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