Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pinspired Thursday - Linky Party!

Hey, I'm getting the hang of these linky party things, yeah?! Here we go! This one is from a great blogger friend of mine, Just a Primary Girl. She was awesome in helping me set up an Instagram, which ultimately help me set up this thing you're staring at!

I made this DELISH pasta dish a couple weeks ago for my husband and I. Now.. I am a pasta-holic. I could eat pasta every night of the week. My husband HATES pasta.

Obviously, you can see we have a dilemma here.

So, rarely when my husband *allows* me to make pasta, I steal a recipe from Pinterest. Some are not so good, which is dissappointing because I know it will be a month before I am allowed to try another pasta recipe (he also often jokes of my "pinterosities"). This one was awesome! I used scallops instead of shrimp, just because that was what was on sale at Sprouts that week. We also added mushrooms because we love them! Here's mine:

Those asparagus there? They come from a Guy Fieri recipe (I have a huge, awkward crush on that man). They are called "Crunch Crazy Asparagus" and are SUPER easy to make! I seriously could make a bundle of asparagus and eat every. single. one.You can find that recipe here!


What Pinterest recipes are your go-tos?! 
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  1. Yummmmm I too have a secret crush on Guy! Plus, he can cook? Yes please. Thanks for linking up. I'm hoping each week it will grow. I'm so glad you're an IG buddy! Xo

  2. That meal looks delicious! I'll share it next time you want to cook pasta. ;)

    I'm going to have to try asparagus prepared that way. My mouth is watering.